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Your Child Can Excel

– and Outperform Classmates

Our one-of-a-kind programme is proven to equip children with skills they need to advance

Your Child Can Excel

– and Outperform Classmates

Our one-of-a-kind programme is proven to equip children with skills they need to advance

SIP Abacus Kid
SIP Abacus

Helping your child succeed academically should not be a mystery

SIP Abacus Kid

Without the right training and development in school to excel in math, science, language arts and more, it’s going to cost your child….

As a parent, it shouldn’t be difficult to get your child the best training possible to ensure they reach their full potential. SIP Abacus’ programme engages both sides of the brain using a unique 3-pronged approach to provide your child with a strong educational foundation in which she or he will thrive.
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SIP Abacus Kid

As a parent, it shouldn’t be difficult to get your child the best training possible to ensure they reach their full potential. SIP Abacus’ programme engages both sides of the brain using a unique 3-pronged approach to provide your child with a strong educational foundation in which she or he will thrive.

"We Believe Your Child Deserves The Best Chances To Succeed."

Don’t Rely on the School System to

Improve Learning Ability

In 2020, the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) study conducted across 60 countries revealed that New Zealand’s students recorded their worst results in maths and science. Our country’s students are falling significantly behind their counterparts in countries like Australia and Singapore.

Even the Principals of various Primary and Intermediate Schools have challenged the Education Ministry over their lack of urgent response and leadership over this issue.

The current education system is significantly hampering the intellectual development of our children today. For children, there is no tomorrow if we can’t help them succeed academically today. We cannot keep waiting for the education system to change, as our children would already have completed their schooling by then.

When you can’t depend on local schools to supply your child with the academic foundations they need to succeed and excel in life, you have to turn
to other alternatives.

At SIP Abacus, we believe that our children can do much better if they are given the right stimuli. SIP Abacus is a systematic academic training programme your child participates in twice a week, outside of school hours. Our course helps nurture your child’s learning ability, including skills like concentration, confidence, observation, listening, visual memory, retention recall, speed writing and numerical ability.

SIP Abacus Kid

How Digital Culture Is Ruining Focus –

A Critical Key to Educational Success

Our society has made great advancements with technology and the digitization of everything. However, with those advances come some downfalls – especially for our children. Excessive exposure to cartoons and spending a long time in front of screens has led to children developing a very short attention span. If you ask your child to do a small task that takes five minutes to complete, like helping to clean up a play area, most children will start the task, but not be able to complete it without wanting to do something else (like go to the bathroom, eat something, or get a drink of water). They will need to be reminded about the task at hand in order to complete it.

For many kids, focusing has become increasingly difficult. However, the ability to concentrate is a necessary skill if one wants to achieve academic success. The SIP Abacus program specifically focuses on development concentration to counteract cultural influences and to give your child the foundational building blocks he or she needs to be successful in the classroom.

SIP Abacus Kid

Proven Academic Training To
Build Strong Foundations

SIP Abacus Brain

At SIP Abacus, we’ve spent decades developing a unique academic programme proven to help students advance. The curriculum and structured modules help children ages 5 to 12 develop foundational learning abilities that propel them into successful students. Developing both sides of the brain, our skill development programme promotes the development of soft skills, numerical abilities and overall intelligence.

The SIP Abacus Programme focuses on three elements:

Improve Your Child’s Learning Ability

The SIP Abacus program is based on decades of experience helping children do better in school – and in all their other activities. As learning ability improves through SIP Abacus, they will soar everywhere! Our proven, unique program isn’t like any other.

Our Lovely Students

Our Brightest Minds

“SIP Abacus for sure improves Maths. But more than that, the confidence and personality development it gave me, the learning capacity I obtained, the ways to managing pressure – it all helped me in creating my future. I would like to thank SIP Abacus for that”

Aahwan Reddy – Gold Medallist at Jr. Science Olympiad
Aahwan Reddy

Guaranteed Performance Outcomes

Children who participate in SIP Abacus training outperform their peers in math and reading at school. Note the SIP Abacus student in the images, denoted by the black line, starts performing significantly better than expected (designated by the yellow section) in math and reading within about 9 months of joining the SIP Abacus program. This graph represents an average SIP Abacus student progress. Within 2 years of joining the program, the child was about 3.5 years ahead of an average child in both Maths and English reading at school. Please note that improvement will vary from student to student.

How SIP Abacus has benefited children in New Zealand

How The
Programme Works

These are some of the highlights of the SIP Abacus programme:

Sip Abacus Girl

Programme Guarantee

In fact, we are so confident in our programme and committed to your child’s success that we offer a guarantee.


You get a $2,000
Cash Back

***Each class costs only $28

3 Simple Steps To Academic Success

It’s easy to get started with SIP Abacus. Simply follow the steps below.

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Parent Testimonials

Aigaeiva Elia

All three of my children joined SIP Abacus a year and a half ago. I took them to 3 other tutorials but wasn’t satisfied and kept searching for options. That is when I came across SIP. Now they’re doing really good at school. I see tremendous improvement in  my kids not only in Maths but other subjects also. They are more focused and are able to study hard now. If kids are struggling academically, SIP Abacus is the answer to it.

Baljeet Kaur

Initially, my daughter wasn’t good at Maths. Now she is very confident and excelling in her Mathematics skills. I would recommend other parents to enrol their children at SIP Abacus too. The instructors teach in a professional and efficient way. It’s been more than six months now and I can see the improvement myself. Overall, I’m very happy.

Dianne Revill

Faith’s doing amazing, still a bit concerned she might not reach level she should be at on time but other that that I am extremely satisfied in the progress she has made so far.

Heidi Leoy

Initially I had no idea about SIP Abacus and the benefits it could give my child in terms of her ability to solve Maths problems and other skills as well. She has been doing amazing. It’s been a year and a half and I am more than happy to have my daughter here. Every day has been different, her speed, her visual memory are only on the rise. Her self-confidence has shot up too in terms of subjects in school. I would definitely recommend this program to other parents because from my experience it has increased her self confidence.