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Your Child Can Excel

– and Outperform Classmates

Our one-of-a-kind programme is proven to equip children with skills they need to advance

Your Child Can Excel

– and Outperform Classmates

Our one-of-a-kind programme is proven to equip children with skills they need to advance

SIP Abacus Kid
SIP Abacus

Helping your child succeed academically should not be a mystery

SIP Abacus Kid

Without the right training and development in school to excel in math, science, language arts and more, it’s going to cost your child….

As a parent, it shouldn’t be difficult to get your child the best training possible to ensure they reach their full potential. SIP Abacus’ programme engages both sides of the brain using a unique 3-pronged approach to provide your child with a strong educational foundation in which she or he will thrive.

SIP Abacus Kid

As a parent, it shouldn’t be difficult to get your child the best training possible to ensure they reach their full potential. SIP Abacus’ programme engages both sides of the brain using a unique 3-pronged approach to provide your child with a strong educational foundation in which she or he will thrive.

"We Believe Your Child Deserves The Best Chances To Succeed."

Don’t Rely on the School System to

Improve Learning Ability

In 2020, the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) study conducted across 60 countries revealed that New Zealand’s students recorded their worst results in maths and science. Our country’s students are falling significantly behind their counterparts in countries like Australia and Singapore.

Even the Principals of various Primary and Intermediate Schools have challenged the Education Ministry over their lack of urgent response and leadership over this issue.

The current education system is significantly hampering the intellectual development of our children today. For children, there is no tomorrow if we can’t help them succeed academically today. We cannot keep waiting for the education system to change, as our children would already have completed their schooling by then.

When you can’t depend on local schools to supply your child with the academic foundations they need to succeed and excel in life, you have to turn
to other alternatives.

At SIP Abacus, we believe that our children can do much better if they are given the right stimuli. SIP Abacus is a systematic academic training programme your child participates in twice a week, outside of school hours. Our course helps nurture your child’s learning ability, including skills like concentration, confidence, observation, listening, visual memory, retention recall, speed writing and numerical ability.

SIP Abacus Kid

How Digital Culture Is Ruining Focus –

A Critical Key to Educational Success

Our society has made great advancements with technology and the digitization of everything. However, with those advances come some downfalls – especially for our children. Excessive exposure to cartoons and spending a long time in front of screens has led to children developing a very short attention span. If you ask your child to do a small task that takes five minutes to complete, like helping to clean up a play area, most children will start the task, but not be able to complete it without wanting to do something else (like go to the bathroom, eat something, or get a drink of water). They will need to be reminded about the task at hand in order to complete it.

For many kids, focusing has become increasingly difficult. However, the ability to concentrate is a necessary skill if one wants to achieve academic success. The SIP Abacus program specifically focuses on development concentration to counteract cultural influences and to give your child the foundational building blocks he or she needs to be successful in the classroom.

SIP Abacus Kid

Proven Academic Training To
Build Strong Foundations

SIP Abacus Brain

At SIP Abacus, we’ve spent decades developing a unique academic programme proven to help students advance. The curriculum and structured modules help children ages 5 to 12 develop foundational learning abilities that propel them into successful students. Developing both sides of the brain, our skill development programme promotes the development of soft skills, numerical abilities and overall intelligence.

The SIP Abacus Programme focuses on three elements:

SIP Abacus Kid

Our Lovely Students

Our Brightest Minds

“SIP Abacus for sure improves Maths. But more than that, the confidence and personality development it gave me, the learning capacity I obtained, the ways to managing pressure – it all helped me in creating my future. I would like to thank SIP Abacus for that”

Aahwan Reddy – Gold Medallist at Jr. Science Olympiad
Aahwan Reddy

Guaranteed Performance Outcomes

Children who participate in SIP Abacus training outperform their peers in math and reading at school. Note the SIP Abacus student in the images, denoted by the black line, starts performing significantly better than expected (designated by the yellow section) in math and reading within about 9 months of joining the SIP Abacus program. This graph represents an average SIP Abacus student progress. Within 2 years of joining the program, the child was about 3.5 years ahead of an average child in both Maths and English reading at school. Please note that improvement will vary from student to student.

How SIP Abacus has benefitted children in New Zealand

How The
Programme Works

These are some of the highlights of the SIP Abacus programme:

Sip Abacus Girl

Programme Guarantee

In fact, we are so confident in our programme and committed to your child’s success that we offer a guarantee.


You get a $2,000
Cash Back

***Each class costs only $28

3 Simple Steps To Academic Success

It’s easy to get started with SIP Abacus. Simply follow the steps below.

Parent Testimonials

Aigaeiva Kapeteni
I find that SIP Abacus helps my children in Maths. Maths was a no no for my kids and was annoying them causing them to pull out from learning. They didn’t want to go to school. I have enrolled all my 3 children aged 11, 10 and 8 at SIP Abacus. In the recent meeting with teachers at school, they mentioned that my children are now amongst the best 2 children in each of their classes in Maths. Maths is now their favourite subject. They are also motivated to go to school now as Maths is no longer a hassle to them.
Aigaeiva Kapeteni (Manurewa)
Mother of Precious Joy (13 Years), Elijah (10 Years), Uili (11 Years) and Manurewa, Auckland
Nippon Tonga North Shore
SIP ABACUS is helpful for my daughter's math this year. My daughter can do mental math faster. Online learning is very great. She is very confident now to do any online classes also asks questions if not clear to the teacher. My daughter is looking forward to continuing with SIP ABACUS next year. Hope every one is having a Happy Merry Christmas.
Nippon Tonga (North Shore)
Father of Setaita Tonga (7  Years), Papakura, Auckland
Sunette Botha Hamilton
We are a homeschool family and we just love SIP Abacus!! We use it for "extras" as my son like challenges. My son has been attending SIP Abacus since July 2021 and we are amazed by how much he improved in speed writing and how quickly he can do mental maths. The staff at SIP Abacus are excellent. My son has an amazing online tutor and enjoy the friends online. He always leaves with a smile and looks forward to the next lesson. We are very happy with the program!
Sunette Botha (Hamilton)
Mother of Donovan Botha (9 Years), Hamilton
I would like to pass my gratitude for the fantastic learning experience you have provided my daughter Skyla in your Flat Bush classes. I can’t begin to express how much she has achieved in such a short time frame since she joined SIP Abacus. Her concentration skills have definitely improved significantly, her interest in learning (not only Maths) has also grown and expanded in various areas of her life. She gets herself organised and excited about each class she goes, and she gets upset if she misses any of her classes. This shows that her learning at SIP Abacus have been very enjoyable, and fun. The method learnt at your class has definitely increased her overall academic performance and her self confidence. I like the fact that students get make up time when they missed classes, and a credit when they completed all lessons. I cannot vouch enough on how awesome SIP Abacus is. I wish I knew your programme 2 years ago!! Now I am looking forward to enrol my nearly 5 year old child as well. Thanks for the awesome work you do. Your customer service and the staff members have been super awesome! I highly recommend every parent to explore SIP Abacus.
Rose Eusoff Smith
Mother of Skyla Eusoff (9 Years), Flat Bush, Auckland
My son Virat has been attending Abacus classes for over 10 months now and I have noticed that he has excelled in his math at school. He enjoys the in class and online sessions. This also helped with his reading. I recommend this to all parents wanting to support collaborative learning environment for their kids!! He had improved significantly in English Reading and Maths and attached pictures of his progress, Thanks.
Vandana Prasad
Mother of Virat (7 Years), Flat Bush, Auckland
Two of my daughters are studying at SIP Abacus. I found this program very useful. My children's concentration levels have increased significantly and their retention levels have also improved a lot. The teachers at school have observed a lot of improvement in my children and we credit SIP Abacus for their improvement. My children's significant improvement has made their teachers at school inquisitive about the SIP Abacus Program. My children were always good at maths but their improvements in the areas as I mentioned previously are way too significant. This program is very useful for kids needing more concentration for their future endeavours, requiring improvements in level of retention.
Syed Husnain Abbas
Father of Arfa Batool (10 Years), Hillcrest, Auckland
I am really very happy as I can see a lot of improvement in my son and appreciate it. I would recommend this program to other parents too. Other parents should start SIP Abacus for their kids. With time they shall see improvement in their children. Children pursuing abacus are bound to get good at Maths with time.
Jaspreet Kaur
Mother of Manraj Singh (11 Years), Flat Bush, Auckland
My son has been studying at SIP Abacus since the past one year. I quite like the program. In terms of his confidence, his development as well as his level of focus, I can see visible improvement in him since the past 12 months. After joining the program, he has become very confident in his academics and regular work. As parents, we are focused on the development of our children, not only in terms of physical well being but also the mental progression. My elder child had pursued the SIP Abacus program and I always wanted my younger one to pursue it as well, knowing well the benefits that SIP Abacus has provided my elder child. SIP Abacus has added immense value to my son's overall development. SIP Abacus helps children switch off and on from the schooling pressure and keeps them excited on the academic front. School education is a pre-defined and SIP Abacus helps children open their mind, helps in widening their perspective & provides a completely different dimension.
Satpal Singh
Father of Bineet Singh (11 Years), Flat Bush, Auckland
I am very happy with the SIP Abacus program. Initially, my daughter wasn't good at Maths. Now she is very confident and excelling in her Mathematics skills. I would recommend other parents to enrol their children at SIP Abacus too. My daughter enjoys the abacus sessions a lot. She is very punctual now as well. The instructors teach in a professional and efficient way. Its been more than six months now and I can see the improvement myself. Overall, I'm very happy.
Baljeet Kaur
Mother of Tajdeep Kaur (7 Years), Thames, Coromandel
Initially I had no idea about SIP Abacus and the benefits it could give my child in terms of her ability to solve Maths problems and other skills as well. SIP Abacus has helped build a solid foundation for her, helping develop her skills for quick learning, numerical solving etc. She has been doing amazing. Its been a year and a half and I am more than happy to have my daughter here. Every day has been different, her speed, her visual memory are only on the rise. Her self confidence has shot up too in terms of subjects in school. Not only is she excelling in Math but in other subjects too. I receive a good and positive feedback from her teachers now. I would definitely recommend this program to other parents because from my experience it has increased her self confidence. Children get a good foundation for learning other skills and achieving other goals in life.
Heidi Leoy
Mother of Frances Leoy (8 Years), Manurewa, Auckland
My daughter was really struggling in Mathematics at the school. I still remember when I asked her simple questions like "What is 2+2," she would start crying. I would get angry and honestly didn't know what to do. Then I thought of approaching SIP Abacus last year and today one year down the line I'm really proud of my daughter. She is doing really very well. I couldn't even imagine that she could do so well overall, especially in Maths. I personally recommend everyone whose kids are struggling with maths & if they need good coaching, I think SIP Abacus is the best place for it. Her social skills have improved too. I would like to thank the team at SIP Abacus for helping reinstate her confidence and bringing her to this stage where I am impressed with her.
Nona Singh
Father of Abigail Singh (10 Years), Flat Bush, Auckland
My daughter joined SIP Abacus one and a half year ago. I have seen a lot of improvement especially on the academic front. Her mental sharpness has gone to the next level. My son has also joined this program a year ago. I have seen a lot of improvement in him be it Maths or other skills. Their concentration levels have shot up significantly and their confidence has been boosted a lot.
Mandeep Singh
Father of Ashleen Kaur (10 Years), Karaka, Auckland
My daughter has been learning at SIP Abacus since the last 14 months and learning here has helped her a lot in her studies. Her behaviour as well has also improved. She's very focused and doing really well in school in Maths as well as English. She is more focused now, be it reading story books or her behaviour at home and listening to parents. She has also become more alert. It was a very good decision to get her enrolled here at SIP Abacus. We're really thankful. The teachers are very patient with Shenelle as she was not ready to learn numbers, but now she is excelling at the same. She knows her times tables up to 10 by heart. We're so proud of her. We thank you so much for training our daughter. I don't feel any difference between the online classes or the face to face classes because the way the program is structured, it focuses on each student.
Sylvester Pal
Father of Shenelle Pal (6 Years), Massey, Auckland
When we came to New Zealand in 2016, we learned that the education system in New Zealand is a bit different from what we had in South Africa. As a parent, we had to seek more options as to how we could boost our daughter's education. I tried many educational programs but didn't find them any good until I came across SIP Abacus via Facebook. Since her joining this program, we've seen a lot of difference in her in terms of how her mind works. Even at school, the teachers have been appreciative of her progress, all thanks to SIP Abacus. What I've learned about my daughter is that her mental functions have gotten quick, gone sharp and become versatile. She can think out of the box now unlike before. If you want your kids to be fast at Mathematics, want your kids to excel in their academics and other stuff, SIP Abacus is the way to go.
Moloko Maleka
Father of Lesego Maleka (10 Years), Randwick Park, Auckland
Since my daughter has been attending SIP Abacus, we have seen a lot of improvement in her in academics and even sports. In every area of activity, she is now excelling, thanks to SIP Abacus. At SIP Abacus, they cater to each child's needs individually, they don't push the kids at one pace, they go as per the child's ability. And this is of prime importance to us that she is not being pushed despite other kids being faster than her. We can book her an extra class if she needs one, she is well taken care of. They attend to her needs individually, so its really nice to see the hospitality of SIP Abacus with respect to each child. We are very happy to continue with abacus. We have a 7 year old and will get her enrolled next year, seeing the improvement in her elder sister in academics. We recommend SIP abacus to other parents. The money spent is worth it and one can really see the change in their child. This is my daughter's second year at SIP Abacus and the changes that we've seen are beyond our expectations.
Emily Motaung
Mother of Lesego Maleka (10 Years), Randwick Park, Auckland
We are so amazed with our son's progress with his studies. We'd like to express our deepest gratitude for the role you are playing in our son's life. We truly appreciate it and will recommend you to our other families for their children to take this program. So speecheless and emotional at the same time as my son had just started school last year and now whenever we give him big numbers to calculate he would just solve it within seconds. So Amazing... thank you so much guys!
Rebecca Semi
Mother of Ioane Semi (8 Years), Papakura, Auckland
I can highly recommend SIP Abacus. My child has improved her math skill immensely. The tutors are amazing and my child loves attending classes. The lessons has improved confidence in numbers and writing. We have had experiences with other providers who do offer additional math tutoring but our outcomes and expectations were not met. Since attending SIP Abacus we could see improvement in learning and confidence in arithmetic within three months. This speaks volumes in itself.
Bernadine Williams
Mother of Keziah Williams from Hamilton
My daughter has fallen in love with math!!!! The team are so encouraging, supportive and motivating for her!!! SIP Abacus is better than the math education that any school can give your kid and will set them up for life with amazing skills !!!! Not only math but better in cognitive skills, listening skills and even friends, Highly recommended.
Bex Mccurdy
Mother of Adalynn Mccurdy from Hamilton
Before Abacus my son was very silent, shy, and had low self-esteem when it came to doing maths and other subjects. My son is autistic and he's very particular in how he works and how he wants his work presented. I remember the trial class and I told Harpreet, my son is special needs he needs a lot of work and he replied back , he'll be fine. That was relief to my ears. I was told don't worry, let us see what we can do to help. On his first day during trial class my son was calculating numbers when called out on a abacus. He's never touched an abacus in his life but that few minutes he spent in that class room, he was calculating. I was amazed ever since that day my son has been attending twice a week, and each week he's progressing, each month I get sent progress reports, and to top it off my son is top of his class and best student. I've spent years trying to find something to help my son and that would fit our budget. Abacus ticked all the boxes for us. I've never looked back since. Thank you SIP Abacus.
Nastassja Salt from Auckland