Customer Reviews

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I find that SIP Abacus helps my children in Maths. Maths was a no no for my kids and was annoying them causing them to pull out from learning. They didn’t want to go to school. I have enrolled all my 3 children aged 11, 10 and 8 at SIP Abacus. In the recent meeting with teachers at school, they mentioned that my children are now amongst the best 2 children in each of their classes in Maths. Maths is now their favourite subject. They are also motivated to go to school now as Maths is no longer a hassle to them.

Aigaeiva Kapeteni
Aigaeiva Kapeteni (Manurewa) Mother of Precious Joy (13 Years), Elijah (10 Years), Uili (11 Years) and Manurewa, Auckland

SIP ABACUS is helpful for my daughter’s math this year. My daughter can do mental math faster. Online learning is very great. She is very confident now to do any online classes also asks questions if not clear to the teacher. My daughter is looking forward to continuing with SIP ABACUS next year. Hope every one is having a Happy Merry Christmas.

Nippon Tonga North Shore
Nippon Tonga (North Shore) Father of Setaita Tonga (7  Years), Papakura, Auckland

We are a homeschool family and we just love SIP Abacus!! We use it for “extras” as my son like challenges. My son has been attending SIP Abacus since July 2021 and we are amazed by how much he improved in speed writing and how quickly he can do mental maths. The staff at SIP Abacus are excellent. My son has an amazing online tutor and enjoy the friends online. He always leaves with a smile and looks forward to the next lesson. We are very happy with the program!

Sunette Botha Hamilton
Sunette Botha (Hamilton) Mother of Donovan Botha (9 Years), Hamilton

I would like to pass my gratitude for the fantastic learning experience you have provided my daughter Skyla in your Flat Bush classes. I can’t begin to express how much she has achieved in such a short time frame since she joined SIP Abacus. Her concentration skills have definitely improved significantly, her interest in learning (not only Maths) has also grown and expanded in various areas of her life. She gets herself organised and excited about each class she goes, and she gets upset if she misses any of her classes. This shows that her learning at SIP Abacus have been very enjoyable, and fun. The method learnt at your class has definitely increased her overall academic performance and her self confidence. I like the fact that students get make up time when they missed classes, and a credit when they completed all lessons. I cannot vouch enough on how awesome SIP Abacus is. I wish I knew your programme 2 years ago!! Now I am looking forward to enrol my nearly 5 year old child as well. Thanks for the awesome work you do. Your customer service and the staff
members have been super awesome! I highly recommend every parent to explore SIP Abacus.

Rose Eusoff Smith Mother of Skyla Eusoff (9 Years), Flat Bush, Auckland

My son Virat has been attending Abacus classes for over 10 months now and I have noticed that he has excelled in his math at school. He enjoys the in class and online sessions. This also helped with his reading. I recommend this to all parents wanting to support collaborative learning environment for their kids!! He had improved significantly in English Reading and Maths and attached pictures of his progress, Thanks.

Vandana Prasad Mother of Virat (7 Years), Flat Bush, Auckland

Two of my daughters are studying at SIP Abacus. I found this program very useful. My children’s concentration levels have increased significantly and their retention levels have also improved a lot. The teachers at school have observed a lot of improvement in my children and we credit SIP Abacus for their improvement. My children’s significant improvement has made their teachers at school inquisitive about the SIP Abacus Program. My children were always good at maths but their improvements in the areas as I mentioned previously are way too significant. This program is very useful for kids needing more concentration for their future endeavours, requiring improvements in level of retention.

Syed Husnain Abbas Father of Arfa Batool (10 Years), Hillcrest, Auckland

I am really very happy as I can see a lot of improvement in my son and appreciate it. I would recommend this program to other parents too. Other parents should start SIP Abacus for their kids. With time they shall see improvement in their children. Children pursuing abacus are bound to get good at Maths with time.

Jaspreet Kaur Mother of Manraj Singh (11 Years), Flat Bush, Auckland

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