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As a franchisee of SIP Abacus in New Zealand, you’ll become part of a global movement to equip    children to succeed academically. With 950+ franchised locations and 900,000 students served globally, you’ll have access to a unique opportunity to fill a need for effective academic training and building learning abilities in children.

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Franchisee Testimonials

It has been 15 years since we started SIP, and we have learned so much and even grown the business despite the pandemic. We are thankful for all the support we get from SIP Academy International, now headed by SIP India. Now, we are seeing more children learn, enjoy, and reap the benefits of SIP Abacus training online. Truly, signing up with SIP is a decision we will never regret.
Kya Li (SIP Abacus Philippines)
Dr. Rinku S Goel
SIP Abacus came as a silver lining in my life. I am enjoying the challenges involved in this business. And the heartiest satisfaction is felt watching kids turning into Human Calculators. Loving the feeling of being an Entrepreneur.
Dr. Rinku S. Goel (SIP Abacus Muzaffarnagar, India)
Harani Sip Abacus Wattala Sri Lanka
SIP Abacus has made a drastic change in all the students’ lives as well as mine. It’s a known fact that, the more your grow older you tend to forge things very frequently. But by teaching abacus it has broken the rule in my life. A teacher’s achievement is molding all his/her students to be fit in this society, nevertheless her great achievement is molding a student who’s is less than average to the level of experts. Students are more eager to learn SIP Abacus, since they enjoy learning it, the most feedback we’ve received from the parents are that their children are more spontaneous. And learning abacus has influenced children to eventually like or moreover love education specially mathematics. As a teacher & an LCL my focus is to create a bond between the students and education, which I’m pretty sure it’s working towards positivity.
Harani (SIP Abacus Wattala, Sri Lanka)
Joy Mathews SIP Abacus Bahrain
Partnering with SIP Abacus was one of the best decisions taken in my life. We could establish ourselves as the number one abacus center in Bahrain in just two years with the constant support & guidance from team SIP. More important is that we could bring in positive changes in 100s of children in this short span. We thank Dinesh Victor and team SIP Abacus for their inspirational leadersip. I am confident that our partnership will grow in strength and together, we will be able to make substantial contributions towards the development of an empowered generation.
Joy Mathews (SIP Abacus Bahrain)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SIP Abacus new? 

SIP Abacus New Zealand is a part of the international group of SIP Academies. Founded in Malaysia in 1999 by Kelvin Tham, SIP Abacus started in India in 2003. SIP Abacus has been operational in New Zealand since 2021 and has served more than 1,000 students across New Zealand.

Will you help select a site?

Yes, we guide you through the entire process with a full launch, from site selection to lease negotiation to furnishing the location.

Do you supply marketing and sales materials?

Yes, we help you with everything from marketing designs and activity support to national branding and media campaigns, as well as how to secure timely reviews

Can I run this business from home?

Due to the health and safety requirements, it is not recommended that you run a centre from home.

What type of person can run a SIP Abacus franchise?

Because we provide our franchisees with a ton of support, marketing and sales materials, and training, almost anyone can be successful opening their franchise. Some of our franchisees have run previous businesses, but many have not. All it takes is commitment and hard work.

Do you have any minimum qualifications for franchisees?

Typically, we require that you be a permanent resident of New Zealand, have a valid driver’s license, and hold a Bachelor’s degree

How much does it cost to open and run a franchise?

The typical initial investment looks like this:

  • Franchisee Fee: $35,000
  • Launch Marketing: $5000
  • Premises Partitioning: $25,000 (Optional – if classrooms need to be built on the premises)
  • Working Capital (To pay for salaries, rent, royalty, stock etc. until the franchisee breaks even): $10,000-$20,000
  • Lease of Premises (Bond and advance rent): $10,000
  • Furniture and Signage: $18,000
While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in this document, the franchisor disclaims liability for inaccuracies. The projected establishments costs provided in this document are based on reasonable assumptions derived from our experience in operating this type of business. All costs shown exclude GST.

What does a centre look like?

How much do I have to invest?

To set up an SIP Abacus Franchise, an initial Capital Outlay of $60,000-$90,000 is required. This includes Centre Setup Costs, Franchise Fee and Initial Launch marketing

What kind of support and training do you offer?

We help with recruitment of teachers, employment
contracts, policies and procedures, health and safety
policies, as well as comprehensive product training and sales training. We will be handling a significant part of the digital marketing through Social Media, Google Ads, Digital Media Ads etc. We make sure you’re fully trained on the necessary software for Centre Management, CRM, and sales. Finally, you’ll be fully educated in an Entrepreneur Orientation Programme, as well as Course Instructor Orientations and Upgradations

Do I need to lease a property or can I run it from a commercial venue like a library or a church?

Public commercial venues provide limited opportunities for centre branding, which would likely hinder how successful your SIP Abacus could be. Branding is critical to a centre’s success, so if you’re opening a franchise in bigger cities like Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, etc., we recommend that centres lease their own premises. If you’re opening a centre in smaller cities and towns, a commercial venue can be considered.

What qualities do successful franchisees

We’ve found that most successful franchisees have
leadership skills, enjoy working with children, have a propensity for maths and English, communicate effectively, are highly organised, possess some business savvy, like to be involved in the community, and enjoy learning.

What locations are currently available in which to open a SIP Abacus franchise?

The opportunity to open a franchise location exists in the following locations:

  • Wellington
  • Christchurch
  • Tauranga

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